Waste disposal units feature in just 6% of kitchens in the UK, so why so few?

One item of equipment which does not receive the attention it deserves is the waste disposer. As a nation, we seem happy to put our food waste in a little green bag, then transport it to a large green bin, which the council takes away every week and stinks in the summer months.

In the USA, about 50% of households have a waste disposal unit and much of the technology coming from that country. In the UK, only 6% of households have a waste disposer, compared to 49% for dishwashers.

Eco friendly

In terms of green credentials, there are arguments for an against the use of waste disposers. The argument against is that the waste water runs through our sewage system and can potentially lead to blockages. However, because so few households have waste disposers, this is not likely. The argument in favour of waste disposers is that, in this country 7 million tons of food waste are taken to landfills every year. This waste rots and produces greenhouse gases.

“Help Keep Food Waste out of Landfill Sites”

Quiet Kitchen Appliances

The leading manufacturer of waste disposers is Insinkerator who have been around for years and originate from the USA. They have a number of models with the more expensive units being less noisy.

There are certain items to avoid throwing down the waste disposer – bones (fish and chicken bones are OK), celery, fruit stones and some people add potato peels, rice and pasta.

Make sure you run plenty of water after you have used your waste disposer and check that the water is running out right into your drain. We have seen cases where food particles accumulated around the drain have attracted rats.

Like all appliances, sometimes things go wrong. Normally, with a waste disposer this involves something getting stuck in the unit.  When you unpack your waste disposer, there is usually a wrench, which can fit to the base of the unit and turn the impellers to release a jam. You can also use a wood spoon from the top of the unit to turn the impellers and release an object. It is also worth investing in a model with an auto reverse button, which will free most jams.

On balance, the waste disposer is a useful addition to your kitchen appliances.

Still need advice on waste disposal units? Visit our Hertfordshire based showroom near Brookmans Park where we will take the time to go through all the options with you.

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