The Perfect Floor Really Does Exist

Up to now, the materials used for floors in a kitchen had disadvantages. Ceramic tiles, limestone and marble are hard. Drop a cup and its finito. They are also cold – good for a Spanish villa, but uncomfortable if you like to go barefoot first thing in the morning and they can be noisy if you wear shoes..  Wood floors run the risk of being damaged by water – a flood from a dishwasher or sink could cause the floor to lift.  Vinyl is soft, but often lacking quality in appearance and subject to scratching.

Introducing Lalegno

At last, there is a floor on the market, developed by Lalegno, a Belgium company. It is made from a stone plastic composite, which is extremely stable and avoids expansion and contraction. Overall it is 6.5mm thick and  has a 0.7mm wear layer which is stain and scratch resistant. It also offers sound reduction up to 19db compared to other floors.

But, the developers didn’t stop there. It has an aluminium oxide topcoat which is matt and transparent and ensures even greater resistance to scratching and is extremely easy to clean. It is also prevents discolouration from UV light.

On the bottom , the floor has a built in underlay, enhancing the softness underneath and ensuring a perfectly flat finish. It also has a click system for ease of laying.

But the greatest advance is in the amazing realism of the finish. It replicates the look of wood perfectly, even in its feel. Run your hand across it and you will believe you are touching wood. It is 180mm wide and comes in lengths of 1220mm or 1524mm depending on the colour. There is a choice of 10 colours.

For ease of cleaning, we recommend the Bissell Crosswave 3 in 1 cleaner which vacuums, washes and dries your floor in one action.

Still need advice on flooring? Visit our Hertfordshire based showroom near Goffs Oak, where we will take the time to go through all the options with you.

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