So who did invent the fitted kitchen?

It was a woman who is known as the inventor of the fitted kitchen. Her name was Margarete Schutte-Lihotzky and she was a Viennese architect.

The Original Fitted Kitchen

Taking her ideas from the German school known as Bauhaus, which strived to combine art with industrial design,  Margarete designed the so called Frankfurt kitchen in 1926 and this standardized kitchen was installed in about 10,000 homes, particularly in social housing, which was her main interest.

From 1930, Margarete lived and worked in the Soviet Union, later in Istanbul. She was a resistance fighter against the Nazis and as a committed communist travelled back to Vienna in December 1940. In January 1941, she was arrested by the Gestapo. She was lucky not to be executed and was imprisoned. In 1945, she was liberated by American troops.

Margarete lived to be 102 and had become rather tired of only being known as the inventor of the fitted kitchen.

Jacob Graff carry on where Margarete left off, designing & installing bespoke luxury fitted kitchens in Hertfordshire.

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