What are Decibels (dB) and what is the quietest kitchen appliance?

If you wish to reduce the noise from your kitchen appliances, some understanding about decibels would be useful.

Decibels (dB)

Firstly, the decibel scale is logarithmic which means a noise level for a rock concert of 120db is not twice the level of noise of a normal conversation  of 60db, but 1 miliion times. In appliance terms, a 60db appliance is four times as loud as a 50db appliance.

You can download a free app, called Sound Meter and take a reading for your existing appliances.

You may rate noise level as an important consideration when it comes to buying an appliance. You may be able to hear the dishwasher when you are sitting in the living room, or the cooker hood disturbs you when you sit at the kitchen table.

Quiet Kitchen Appliances

For cooker hoods, we recommend hoods by Falmec with a Noise Reduction System. At full speed the hoods will record a 46db level, as opposed to 70db for many hoods.

Decibel levels for dishwasher range from 46db to 60db. Bosch and Miele are the best for sound reduction.

Still need advice on quiet kitchen appliances? Visit our Hertfordshire based showroom in Cheshunt where we will take the time to go through all the options with you.

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